3 Ways Translation Can Help Your Company Get More Business

Businesseses and commercial organizations are well known for their focus on bottom lines. That’s what makes them commercial (and not non-profits).

So expenditures of resources are often evaluated in light of their ability to help secure more business. When it comes to translation services how exactly can translation services help companies get more business and bring in revenue? Here are three ways that we’ve noticed over the years:

1) Supporting access to new markets where the dominant language isn’t English

Reaching new markets in the US and abroad can entail communications in languages other than English. Translating documents, promotional materials, websites, and other supporting materials will be essential in marking a connection with new customers.

2) Training non-English dominant employees to support better job performance and increased sales

Translating employee training materials will make them available to and more effective for employees and associates whose dominant language is other than English. Better trained employees lead to better performing organizations and higher sales in the long run.

3) Asking for feedback from non-English speaking customers

Learning directly from customers requires a dialogue as part of an effectiveness business development program. The quality of those two way communications ideally means interacting with customers in the native language of the customer.

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