InDesign Translation Workflow

Send us your English Adobe InDesign documents. We’ll send them back to you in your specified target language(s). It doesn’t get any easier or less complicated than that.

There’s no need for you to worry about learning new processes, tools, or methods. We handle everything. You avoid unneeded complications, and can stay focused on what it is you do best (which is presumably not translating and formatting InDesign documents in unfamiliar languages).

Adobe InDesign Translation Workflow

Does the above approach to translation of InDesign files sound like it might be for you? Here’s how our company’s InDesign translation workflow process goes.

Send Us File(s)

1) In order to provide a quote for translation of an InDesign document we request that you first send a PDF export of the InDesign file. Client questions in some cases precede the receipt of a PDF for quoting. If you have questions you’re encouraged to send them to us via email or telephone during regular business hours. See contact information.

File Analysis

2) Once you send us a PDF we’ll prepare an analysis of the file to determine the total number of words to translate. The analysis also indicates if any text repetition is present. Text repetitions can lower your translation costs. Translation is priced based on the number of words. InDesign formatting in the target language is priced on a per page basis.

indesign translation workflow

Quote Preparation

3) A written quote is prepared and then emailed to you. If you approve the quote we’ll begin the project.

Text Translation

4) Translation services occurs independent of InDesign formatting. InDesign document text is extracted from the InDesign environment prior to translation. Translation can then occur using professional translation tools that enhance translation quality and minimize project costs for customers. Once translation is complete the translator’s work is proofread by a second translator as a quality assurance measure.

InDesign Formatting

5) Translated and proofread text in the target language is then put back into the InDesign document. Manual formatting adjustment occurs by our InDesign formatting technicians. The original document formatting is retained although some visual differences might be noticed in text positions since some languages require more, or less text, relative to English in order to express equivalent meaning.

Final Revision

6) A PDF export of the newly translated and formatted InDesign document is then reviewed a final time before delivering the entire project to to you. Normally an InDesign translation project is complete at this point, although your can request adjustments (if any, for whatever reason) and in those cases an additional final version is prepared and delivered to you to complete the project.