What New Translation Clients Ask

The top three questions new translation clients ask us usually center around cost, time, and qualifications. That is:

1) What will the translation project cost?

2) How long will it take to complete the translation project?

3) Do our translators have experience in the subject matter of their project?

Preparing and issuing a quote will answer the first two questions. Fees are based on the number of source words for translation, with consideration given to volume and measurable repetitions within the body of text. These things remain the de facto standard for translation pricing within the language services industry.

Translation project schedules, the time required for completion, also scale with the scope of the project. An average per day rate of translation for professional linguists is in the 2000-3000 word range. Time must also be allowed for post-translation proofreading by a second linguist as a quality control measure our company considers essential in the translation process.

Our company’s advantage in working with a network of professional translators is that projects can be assigned to the linguists best qualified in the topic. The subject matter of a project is a key determining factor in which linguist received the assignment.