How To Translate Videos

Eight-one percent of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% over last year (Hubspot). Videos can introduce products/services, educate customers and employees, explain things, reinforce branding, tell engaging stories, and many other things. Videos can also be translated into virtually any language.

Video translation typically means that either new voiceovers are created to replace existing spoken language content (e.g., narration), or subtitles in the target language are added to the video while the original spoken language remains in place. Adding subtitles is the more economical approach of the two since the professional voiceover recording and its costs isn’t needed. However, each video translation project is unique and clients have the option of deciding the best approach to support their objectives.

To view a brief case study of a recent project of adding subtitles to a corporate video click the link below. A before and after version of the video is included.

Case Study: Adding Spanish Subtitles To Video


video translation


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