Adding Spanish Subtitles To Video: Case Study

A longtime client for whom we’ve performed translation services for many years sent us the company promotional video below. Their request? Apply Spanish subtitles to the video. The original video appears below.



Below are the steps that followed.

  1. Transcript Preparation: A written version of the spoken audio is prepared. If a script was already in existence this step could have been omitted. In the absence of a script it’s necessary for us to listen to the spoken audio and write down exactly what is spoken on the audio. A time code is included to help with the eventual application of subtitles to the video.
  2. Translation: Once the transcript is prepared the text can then be assigned for translation into Spanish. Translation is followed by proofreading performed by a second linguist to ensure a high quality translation. Both the translator and proofreader were native Spanish speaking.
  3. Subtitles File Creation: The subtitles are then created in a file with text timed to appear in sequence and matches to the spoken audio in the video.
  4. Video Application: The subtitles file is then applied to the video to produce the project deliverable. The video with the Spanish language subtitles appears below.



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