Adobe Illustrator Translation Services

Professional translation services can be required for text in almost any file format or application, including the popular graphics creation tool Adobe Illustrator. Detailed drawings, such as those for instructional purposes, are sometimes created in Illustrator. Illustrator text can also be in the form of captions in some cases, or instructions (e.g., manufacturing details), these being among recent projects we’ve performed.

Clients inquiring about translation services for Adobe Illustrator files usually first provide us with PDFs. We can easily review the PDFs visually, and also obtain a word count for the text using specialized tools. Translation fees are most often calculated based on the number of source language words. Access to PDFs allow us to prepare a quote for the required services. If a quoted project is accepted then we request to receive the source language Illustrator files in addition.



Complete services include translation, second translator proofreading, and formatting of the Illustrator files into the requested target language. Some manual formatting adjustment is usually needed since some languages take more or less text space relative to English.

To obtain a quote for translation of Illustrator files into virtually any language click the link below and follow the simple instructions.