Employee Handbook Spanish Translation

Every year our company translates numerous employee handbooks into Spanish. In fact, as this blog is being written we have multiple such projects in progress.

In subsequent years after the initial translation often updates are made to the original sosurce document in English and they then need to be reflected in the Spanish version. We can usually advise clients on strategies to minimize costs for update services.

Quotes for translating employee handbooks into Spanish can be requested by sending us the English version of the handbook. Translation fees are determined by the word count, volume, and any measurable repetition.

request employee handbook translation quote

To receive a quote for professional Spanish translation services click here (or on the graphic above) and follow the instructions to send us your document.

Once we receive your employee handbook in English we’ll respond to confirm that we have it. We’ll then review the document, prepare a quote for the required services, and then email the quote back to you (usually within about 30 minutes during regular business hours). If you approve our quote we’ll begin the project immediately and on completion deliver it to you by email, formatted and ready to use. All text is professionally translated by native speaking professional translators (never lower quality machine translation) and then subsequently proofread by a second translator.