Translation Client Conversation of the Week

Translation client interactions can be interesting. Here’s a summary of a memorable client telephone conversation from this week. The client’s real name is not used.

Affinity: Hello this is Linda.

Client: Hello Linda this is Frank.

Affinity: Hello Frank.

Client: I received the translation you sent but I don’t understand it.

Affinity: Yes the brief handwritten text we translated for you was not very meaningful to us either. The translator mentioned that the source text was not very legible and only a few words could be translated. That’s what we sent to you. It’s all that can be read.

Client: OK I see. (long pause) What do we do now?

Affinity: We’re not sure what you mean?

Client: What should I do next?

Affinity: Well we’re not really able to advise you on that. We were asked to translate some brief handwritten text into English. That’s what we did and delivered the result to you. That’s really all we can do.

Client: Yes. OK then.

Affinity: Thank you. Bye.

Client: Bye.

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