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How to Request A Quote for Translation Services

To veteran translation services clients, requesting a quote for translation services might seem like a straightforward matter. For organizations and other clients just beginning to use professional translation services, some explanation might be helpful.

Typically the steps for requesting a translation quote go in order something like the following:

  1. A client requests a quote for translation of a defined set of text contained in an electronic file or files by sending (emailing or uploading) the file(s) for review by the translation company.
  2. The translation company then reviews the files and based on the word count prepares a quote for services.
  3. The translation company emails the quote with a description of services to the person or company requesting the quote.

In requesting a quote for translation services be sure to indicate the desired “target language(s)” (the language or languages to translate into). Companies may have different established per word rates for each language.


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