Our Translation Only Focus

There are some advantages for companies who do one thing only. One of the most obvious is that those companies become well known for doing that one thing. When their product or service is needed, customers know where to go almost automatically.


Organizations that do mainly one thing also tend to become very proficient at that thing over time. Judging by the feedback we receive from our clients Affinity Translation is included in that group.

Clients send us written material in one language and we return written material of equivalent meaning in another language. We do this every day of business throughout the year. Never to we come to work in the morning and wonder “What kind of business will we do today?” We already know. While no two projects are ever quite the same, they’re still always translation.

We perform this service primarily for business, professional, and government organizations. Our pool of trusted professional translators is made up of many individual translators with various areas of specialization. The breadth of subject matter knowledge among our translators allows us to match just the right personnel with each project.

Do you need an interpreter to come to your office and provide language support for a meeting? Sorry we can’t help.

Do you need high quality translation services of written material? Yes we can do that.

A bullet point list of our services follows:

  • Translation