Translation Process Genesis

This morning we received a translation process description from an Asian based translation company. It’s detailed in its progression, more detailed than the process description we have on our website that’s represented by five main stages. Here are the steps we received:

1. Negotiate and undertake translation projects (Business Department)

2. Evaluate the difficulty of the project (Project Manager)

3. Choose the most suitable translator and proofreader, establish project group

4. Convey the requirements to members of the project group and unify the usage of terminology

5. Translate and proofread

6. Technical experts check the translation to ensure it is professional

7. Language experts check the translation to ensure the fluency of translation

8. Typesetting Department starts to typeset

9. Send to customers for confirmation and use

10. Store the terminology into translation database for future reference.

Translation- revision- proofreading-verification-OK

Customer feedback

The above list/description started me thinking about how much detail is enough, of interest, to prospective translation clients. The process description could be taken to an extreme. In such a case the first step might be “wake up in the morning” or “turn on the computer” or “pour a cup of coffee.”

Or how about this as a first step … “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”