Translation Services | Paying International Translation Partners

There’s an Asia based translation company that we recently worked with for the first time. The project was very small but it was for a client that we do regular business with and so we were motivated to be of service and help them out. The language combination was one that we don’t often handle and so our options were limited.

Now it’s time to pay the translator’s invoice and it turns out that they want us to make a wire transfer, however, our bank’s fee for wiring the funds is nearly as much as the invoice itself. It’s not a viable payment method for this small project.

Message to international translation partners:

1) Yes we’re aware that using Paypal means incurring a transaction fee in the neighborhood of 3%.

2) Please consider that payment transaction fees are a reasonable cost of doing business (at least for small projects).

3) Takeaway: The easier it is to pay for services the more likely it is we’ll be able to do regular business in the future.

Due to the hassle it’s been to pay a simple invoice for this translation vendor it’s very unlikely we’ll be doing much business together in the future, except as a last resort. To prospective international translation partners, as one aspect of promoting your translation services, keep in mind the goal of making it easy to pay you.

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