3 Reasons Why the Translation Services Market will Grow

We cannot predict the future with certainty but looking forward we believe the market for professional translation services will continue to grow. Here are 3 reasons supporting this belief:

1. Worldwide markets. Big brand names (and even smaller ones) increasingly look to not only their country of  location for customers but also beyond their own borders. Competition among global brand brings the need for localization of language based products and their associated promotional materials. This trend is likely to continue.

2. Machine translation. Improvements in machine translation whets the appetite for even higher quality translation services. Machines cannot yet fully replace skilled human translators, and probably will not for the foreseeable future. Languages by nature are alive and continuously evolving, thus requiring the subjective judgment that only skilled translators can apply.

3. Urgent need for communication. Social, political, and commercial interests increasingly demand more and better communication. Language barriers cannot be allowed to interfere with meeting the challenges of the global community. Improved communication between speakers of different languages is essential to enable progress in the many areas of human interaction. This need is increasing in importance.