Ecourse | Differentiation: Key To Success For Freelance Translators

Differentiation: Key To Success For Freelance Translators

As a professional freelance translator you must effectively differentiate your services in order to survive and eventually thrive. This course will provide you with a framework foundation in differentiation strategy as it specifically relates to translators. Effective implementation of a well thought-out differentiation approach will help you as a freelance translator stand out from the crowd, get more project work, launch/boost your career, and better control your professional life.


List of Course Lessons (Complete Course 12,000+ Words plus Illustrations)

1. Differentiate or Die

2. Differentiation Framework For Translators

3. Translation Product Differentiation

4. Translation Pricing Differentiation

5. Translation Place (Channel) Differentiation

6. Translation Promotion Differentiation

7. Miscellaneous Differentiators for Translators

8. Making Decisions | Putting Differentiation To Work For You

9. Closing Message




About the Author:  Ron McCoy is the director of Denver, Colorado (USA) based Affinity Translation since 2007. Prior to that his professional career ranged from the entertainment industry in New York City, to the principal of a leading marketing franchise, and a decade as the senior marketing executive of a Boulder, Colorado based technology company that was acquired by Microsoft. He holds an MBA in marketing and finance from the University of Colorado at Boulder and an undergraduate degree in education.

When he’s not working he attends his 14-year-old daughter’s soccer games and learns more than he’d really prefer to know about teenage pop culture and boy bands.