Top Ten Translation Languages

Top Ten Most Requested Languages For Translation

Occasionally we’ve been asked, “What languages should we translate our material into?” The answer to the question depends on a number of factors, including the business objectives of a particular organization. It’s not really a question a translation company can answer for a client. We can cite the most frequently requested languages for translation we receive. Here they are!

Our top 10 most requested languages requested for translation are (in no particular order):

1) Spanish: 527 million speakers

2) French: 229 million speakers

3) Portuguese: 229 million speakers

4) German: 129 million speakers

5) Russian: 267 million speakers

6) Arabic: 422 million speakers

7) Chinese: 1 billion speakers

8) Italian: 66 million speakers

9) Japanese: 129 million speakers

10) Korean: 77 million speakers


Number of speakers source data see Ethnologue (2017 20th edition)


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